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2016 Akron Half Marathon. Help me make this year even better by donating to Akron Children's!

September 23, I will return to the Akron Half Marathon and look to improve upon my 2nd place finish from last year.

Additionally, I have signed up to be one of the “2017 Akron Marathon Children's Champions,” pledging to raise $1000 for Akron Children’s Hospital. The money raised will be used to support families with the inability to pay for treatment and families in general at the hospital.

Akron Children’s holds a special place in my heart because that is where I was treated and cured of my childhood cancer: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia after three years of treatment in 1997.

To raise the minimum $1000, I am asking local individuals and companies to help me by pledging to donate either .01, .05, .10, .15, .25, or .50 cents per mile that I run between the date they commit until September 17, 2017.

If you individually, a group of friends, or any local businesses you are connected to feel compelled to aid me in my goal: sign up for the per-mile donation format by emailing me at

As incentive to participate, I have also partnered with Malone University’s Track and Field team to create a jersey that will feature all of my sponsors by either individual or company name, with sizing bonuses for increased donation size. This will likely be a solid advertisement move for companies because nearly 10,000 people participated in the race last year, as well as thousands of spectators. My task on race day will be to finish high in the places again and use my connections to Malone and Canton to put my sponsors in the newspaper like last year. Sign up quick though, because priority jersey positioning will go to those that sign up the earliest!

FYI if you aren’t sure how much you want to donate:
(calculations updated 7/27)
.01 cents per mile = ~$7.30
.05 cents per mile = ~$40
.1 cents per mile = ~$75
.15 cents per mile = ~$110
.25 cents per mile = ~$185
.50 cents per mile = ~$365

Contact me via: to get the contract for the per mile plan which will allow me to send an invoice on Sept. 18 to have all the donations turned in on time.

Alternatively, while you're on this page you can simply click the give button and make a lump sum donation in kind. Thank you!!
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